Welcome to the Mind Maze!

bullfrogWelcome to the Mind Maze of a silvered-haired bullfrog.

Here you will read thoughts (ramblings), essays and research papers, and presentations that the author has done.

Again welcome. Please feel free to give some love through comments. Always looking to enhance the writer and developing the person. Welcome.

Some Ground Rules 

  1. Respect Everyone. We all have ideas and opinions.
  2. Speak for yourself. Your thoughts and advice are welcomed and encouraged.
  3. Listen. More read and try to see the writer’s view.
  4. Participate. Join the conversation with creativity, if you do not agree or understand then ask.
  5. No put-downs.
  6. Be honest and fair. Listen with your heart, mind, and eyes.
  7. Most importantly – Have fun in this life. We are only here on this planet for a short time.
  8. If you see a spelling error or broken link email me, ramblingbullfrog@gmail.com.