Just a Rambling!

This past week was “mid-terms” and the last week before spring break. It was busy!

On Monday I taught ESL to incoming refugees. Afterward, my service learning class that ties in my teaching ESL.  Then an interview with a panel of five to become an Orientation Leader. They said that a formal letter will go out to announce the candidates.

Tuesday was busy getting the school’s digital newspaper, Insight, ready to be launched on Thursday.  With an excellent team, we started it on Thursday morning!

On Wednesday, I taught ESL again. That was a tough class because of the language barrier.  We were learning currency, trying to recognize coins and their values. A good day, but rough. It taught me to reevaluate my teaching style. It made me appreciate on not having to learn the English ways!! Oh, wait I grew up with it!!

After the ESL class, I went and say a good friend who is getting ready go to Mexico City to be his roommate.  I have the honor of taking him to the airport on the 15th March. He said that he may only be there for 30 – 180 days, depending on his roommate’s lawyer.

Later in the afternoon, I had an exam in Bio 117 – Nutrition, on Wednesday. I cannot wait to see the grade. HAHA!!

Thursday, I had classes all day and doing the final revisions for the Insight.  Afterward, I went to the Distinguished Leaders Conference where Mr. Cox, son-in-laws to President Nixon spoke. I will write more on that later.

Finally, Friday was working on homework and Toastmaster at noon. I had the privilege to be the Table Topics host. The theme was complaining, based on the tv sitcom from the 70’s called All in the Family.

IMG_1192Now Saturday, here I am at 630 in the morning writing! Soon, I will head to the market to get chicken for Sofia’s class. It supposed to be a treat to go to class! Then of to her first puppy class. Oh! Where are my manors! Let me introduce Sofia.  She is a miniature apple head Chihuahua, 11 weeks old, and weighs in at 2.4 pounds. She is a tiny lady with a lot of energy!!!

Well, off to get breakfast and start this Saturday!

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