Mia – A Nickname

Mia is the last three letters of my first name.  It came about on my first day of teaching kindergarten. The students were have trouble with my last name, so I asked what they want to call me. After a interesting comments, one girl stood and asked if the could call me Mr. Mia. It stuck.

So, I decided to look up Mia and see the origin and meaning. On URBAN DICTIONARY it said that MIA: means she has beautiful eyes. Mia is female in origin … I am male. The etymology is Scandinavian, Dutch, German, and English.

It means kind, quite, polite, caring, has pure endionate (love), and is extremely beautiful.

Tells jokes that no one understands and is easy to fall in love with (TOTALLY ME)

Are the sweetest, most adorable people you will ever meet! I have bubbly personalities and love to laugh 🙂

Mia is a very talkative and outgoing. Has very pretty eyes. Sometimes makes jokes that nobody understands.

Mia is such a good name, it may be short, but dang, it sure is beautiful and as I am in every way my Creator made me.

I maybe polite, but I have my rude side.

I may be beautiful, but I have an ugly side.

I may be talkative, but I have a quite.

I am the best in all ways possible!

Mia means mine, then that means everyone wants me and think I am theirs, as I think they are mine!!

So in conclusion — Go find yourself a Mia!

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