Morning 20 – Luke 5.12-26

Pray, Read, Pray, Reflect…

Good morning, here are today’s reflection questions.

  1. What social and psychological problems result in from the physical problem of leprosy (cf. Lev 13.45-6)?
  2. How does the leper show faith?
    1. what does he doubt?
    2. how does Jesus dispel his fears?
  3. What is the first requirement of the law (cf. 14 with Lev 14)?
  4. What does this reveal about Jesus’ attitude toward the law?
    1. what is the result?
    2. how does Jesus respond to it?
  5. What controversy does Jesus trigger?
    1. or what is He accused of?
    2. why?
  6. How does He support his claim of forgiveness?
  7. Give three pieces of evidence of His deity from this miracle.
  8. What are the three responses?
  9. On what basis are the leper and paralyzed man healed?
  10. Have you inconvenienced yourself to bring a person to Christ?
  11. Have you inconvenienced yourself to help someone in need?

Pray and Give Praise