Morning 3 – Luke 1:39-56


Pray, Read, Pray, Reflect…

Good morning, here are today’s reflection questions.

  1. Describe Elizabeth’s reception of Mary. How does she know Mary’s secret?
  2. How does Mary describe…
    1. G-d’s character,
    2. His actions and activities,
    3. His attitude toward people?
  3. On what basis does He “show partiality” to Mary? (cf. vv. 48-52)
  4. What reason does Mary give for this act?
  5. How is Mary personally aware of G-d’s attributes?
  6. What attributes of G-d can you praise Him for?
  7. How can you view issues of past, present, and future?
  8. Reflect on the above questions…Do they apply to you today? How? Why/why not?

Pray and Give Praise

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