Morning 4 – Luke 1:57-80

Annunciation to Zechariah, taken from an Ethiopian Bible (c. 1700), kept at the British Library.

Pray, Read, Pray, Reflect…

Good morning, here are today’s reflection questions.

  1. What controversy arises after Elizabeth given birth?
  2. How is tradition sometimes a test to/of obedience?
  3. When was Zechariah’s speech restored? What did he do when he regained speech?
    1. How can you apply this to your spiritual life?
    2. What would you do for nine months of no speech?
    3. How would you respond when you regained speech?
  4. What was the response from the people?
    1. How would your family and friends respond?
  5. Zechariah’s Ministry (cf. vv. 68-9 with v. 27)
    1. The coming and purpose of Messiah…
    2. The purpose of his son…
    3. G-d’s character and actions…
    4. The purpose of deliverance (vv. 74-5) in relation to salvation (v. 77)…
  6. Have you experienced full deliverance? Have you accepted the Blood of the Lamb?f
  7. Measure your purpose of life with vv. 73-5 with 79.
  8. What is significance about both Zechariah and Mary’s referring to the broad sweep of history?
  9. John
    1. Describe his corporeal (physical)?
    2. His childhood (later we will get into his life and mission)

Reflect, Pray, and Give Praise

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