Morning 5 – Luke 2:1-20

Pray, Read, Pray, Reflect…

Good morning, here are today’s reflection questions.

  1. Trace the trip of Joseph and Mary, why was it necessary (cf. Micah 5:2)?
  2. Describe the conditions surrounding the birth?
  3. How much hardship, frustration, and inconvenience are you willing to endure as G-d’s instrument?
  4. Who was the first birth announcement made to?
    1. what vital statistics are given about the baby?
  5. In what ways do you limit the time and place of G-d’s message to you?
    1. do you listen?
    2. if a message came to you while you are working, how would you respond (cf. 2:8 with 1:8ff)?
  6. Compare the responses to the divine message.
    1. Shepards…
    2. Mary…
    3. Joseph…
    4. Wise Men…
  7. What three phases of the shepherd’s response?
  8. Parallel what you read and the answer you gave, to your own life.
    1. what areas do you need to improve on?

Reflect, Pray, and Give Praise

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