Morning 8 – Luke 3:1-10


Reni Guido’s St John the Baptist in the Wilderness

Pray, Read, Pray, Reflect…

Good morning, here are today’s reflection questions.

  1. Establish the religious and political setting as John begins his preaching.
  2. How does this setting support the trustworthiness of the record?
  3. What is…
    1. his purpose…
    2. his mission…
    3. his authority…
  4. How does he approach the people?
  5. Characterize vipers.
    1. how is this metaphor apt?
  6. How is John’s message a fulfillment of Isaiah’s prophecy (cf. Is 40:3; Mal 3:1)?
  7. Relate his message to road building (vv. 4-5)…
    1. wood cutting (v.9)
    2. harvesting (v. 17)
  8. What is
    1. G-d’s part…
    2. man’s part…
  9. What are the practical outreaches of true repentance?
  10. What is the effect of obedience personally and to others?
  11. In what ways do you bear fruits of repentance?
    1. what is the effect on others?
    2. what can you do today?
  12. What misconception does John clear up?
    1. what is John’s self-concept when compared to Christ?
  13. What way is John’s message good news?
    1. how are exhortations good news?
  14. Contrast the responses to his preaching.
  15. What is your reaction when your sin and injustice is exposed?
    1. what is the good news about?
  16. John’s characters…

Reflect, Pray, and Give Praise

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