Morning 16 – Luke 4:1-15

Temptation of Christ, San Marco, 12th Century

Pray, Read, Pray, Reflect…

Good morning, here are today’s reflection questions.

  1. Describe wilderness experience of Jesus.
    1. how is it similar to the Exodus?
  2. In what ways is He susceptible to Satan?
  3. The Three Challenges
    1. Specific Content
    2. Appeal to what aspect of human nature
    3. Progress in intensity
    4. Jesus Reply
  4. The First Temptation real issue…
  5. The Second Temptation
    1. how does it clarify the understanding of evil and world affairs (cf.  vv. 6-7 with 1:32-3)?
  6. To whom does the final rule rightfully being?
  7. The Third Temptation
    1. how is Jesus’ answer is a fitting response to the challenge?
  8. Do you recognize temptation for what it is?
  9. Are the issues here still temptations for the Christian and the Church?
  10. Describe His return to Galilee. Imagine Satan’s reaction to these facts.

Pray and Give Praise

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