Morning 17 – Luke 4:16-30

Pray, Read, Pray, Reflect…

Good morning, here are today’s reflection questions.

  1. What habit does Jesus have?
  2. According to Isaiah’s prophecy what is the commission and power of the messenger?
    1. describe these spiritual benefits.
  3. What does Jesus claim about Himself?
  4. What is His attitude toward the Scriptures?
  5. With what situations in Isaiah’s prophecy do you identify?
  6. In what ways have you been
    1. released
    2. spiritual vision…
    3. found liberty…
  7. Jesus declines to do miracles – why?
  8. What two examples does Jesus use? Why?
  9. Contrast the reaction to His reading of Scripture (cf. vv. 20-2) and His application of it (cf. vv. 28-30).
  10. Since Satan fails to defeat Christ (v.13), trace throughout Luke how he attempts to destroy Christ and the potency of His message.
  11. How does this help you in your spiritual battles?

Pray and Give Praise

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