St Pega, V.

pegaBorn in 673 to Penwalh, a noble of the English kingdom of Mercia. Sister of St Guthlac of Croyland. Related to the royal family of the East Angles.

Lived as a hermit in the Fens, Northamptonshire, England near her brother. Once the devil took on her form to persuade Guthlac to break his vow to never eat before sunset. To prevent further attempts, Pega left the area and never returned in Guthlac’s life.

She became an Anchoress near the Croyland Abbey; a church was built on the site of her hermitage, and an Anglican convent dedicated to Pega survives to today. Peakirk (Pega’s Church) is named for her.

While en route to her brother’s funeral in 714, she cured a blind man from Wisbech.

St Pega made a pilgrimage to Rome in 719 but died before returning home.

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