Day 2 – John 2 – The Miracle of Water to Wine and Cleansing the Temple


2:1-12 – Jesus’ First Miracle: Water Turned to Wine

2:1, 2 – Jesus and His disciples attended a wedding ceremony in Cana. His mother also was there.

  • Jesus’ mother attended, as did Jesus and His disciples.
  • Jesus was a sociable person
  • Jesus’ approval of the institution of marriage
  • Jesus does not object to enjoying festive celebrations.
  • Jesus was not opposed to recreation, entertainment, or enjoyments that were wholesome.

2:3-5 – When they ran out of wine, Mary requested Jesus to provide more.

2:6, 7 – First Miracle – Six waterpots of 20 to 30 gallons each, Jesus asked to have them filled with water. The purpose of these detail is to give evidence for Jesus’ claims. John uses it to establish faith in Him.

2:8-10 – When the water was taken to the master of the feast, it had become wine so good that the master of ceremony, who states it was the best wine yet.

2:11 – This was the beginning of Jesus’ signs, and His disciples believed in Him. It proves His power to turn one substance into something completely different. As such, it was impossible by natural law – a miracle. This miracle supports the claim that Jesus is the Creator (1:3). Here He duplicates in an instant of time that which His Creation takes months to accomplish.

2:12 – Jesus went to Capernaum with his mother, brothers, and disciples.

2:13-25 – Cleansing of the Temple

2:13 – Jesus went to Jerusalem to attend the Passover, an annual Jewish feast in memorial of the time God slew all the firstborn of Egypt but spared the Israelites because they had put the blood of lambs on their doorposts (cf Exodus 12 & 13). The first recorded public act in His ministry. He had been baptized and had made some disciples in Galilee and had done a miracle.

2:14-17 – People were selling animals and changing money in the temple. Jesus drove them out saying they should not make His Father’s house a house of merchandise.

The reasons for Jesus’ action is that He found justification for His deed in Scripture. The temple should have been a house of prayer (Mark 11:15; Matt. 21:13; cf Isa. 56:7), but they had made it a den of thieves (Jer. 7:11) or a house of merchandise (John 2:16). When Jesus had cleansed the temple, Jesus’ disciples remembered the Scripture that said this was an indication of zeal for God’s house (Psalm 69:9).

2:18 – The Jews asked Jesus to show a sign to justify what He had done. No doubt the Jews were surprised or even angered by Jesus’ action.

2:19-21 – Speaking of His body, Jesus said they would destroy this temple, and He would raise it in three days. But they thought He was speaking of the physical temple.

2:22 – After His resurrection, Jesus’ disciples remembered His statement and believed.

2:23 – Jesus did many signs during the Passover.

2:24, 25 – Jesus knew the very thoughts of men, so He did not trust himself to these people.

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