A boy who accepts responsibility for himself is a MAN, but even then a man is just a single being, all alone. So few boys ever become a man. Fewer still ever become anything more than just a man. 

MAN can become more – there are marks of distinction.


A MAN who seeks to meet his responsibilities to:

  • God – is a DISCIPLE
  • His wife – is a HUSBAND, 
  • His children – is a DAD, 
  • His friends – is a BROTHER, 
  • His church – is a MEMBER, 
  • His work – is a LABORER,
  • His community – is a NEIGHBOR, 
  • His country – is a CITIZEN,
  • Convince others to do likewise – is a LEADER.

No MAN can ever hope to accomplish these responsibilities by his own efforts. To try to do so himself is to become an utter failure and a miserable fool, in his seeking, he must first rely on the redeeming work of Christ and the Holy Spirit, and then on the fellowship of men who want for such distinction in their lives.

A DISCIPLE who seeks to meet his responsibilities to: 

  • properly use what God has given is a STEWARD
  • reach the world for Christ is a MISSIONARY,
  • understand and explain truth clearly is a TEACHER
  • guide others in these many things is a SHEPARD,
  • share the Gospel with everyone he meets is an EVANGELIST,
  • proclaim the truth of the Word as it is given is a PROPHET,
  • go when and where he is sent by God is an APOSTLE.  

A HUSBAND who seeks to meet his responsibilities to:

  • care for his LIFE MATE physical needs is a PROVIDER,
  • care for his LIFE MATE emotional needs is a LOVER,
  • care for his LIFE MATE spiritual needs is a CHAMPION,
  • keep from hurting his LIFE MATE or from being hurt is a PROTECTOR.

A DAD who seeks to meet his responsibilities to:

  • love his CHILDREN unconditionally is a PAPA,
  • spend time laughing and playing with his CHILDREN is a DADDY,
  • give discipline to his CHILDREN when they need it is a PARENT,
  • make sure his CHILDREN are prepared to be adults is a FATHER.

A BROTHER who seeks to meet his responsibilities to:

  • help his friends in their time of need of is a GIVER,
  • be alongside friends when they need someone is a COMPANION,
  • stand firm with his friends in their times of trouble is a DEFENDER,
  • challenge his friends to be what they should be is a PARTNER.

A MEMBER who seeks to meet his responsibilities to:

  • be actively involved in the church through fellowship is a PARTICIPATOR,
  • share in the financial cost of ministry by the church is a CONTRIBUTOR,
  • show kindness to those in need within the church is an ENCOURAGER,
  • follow the leadership of the elders and deacons is a SUPPORTER.

LABORER who seeks to meet his responsibilities to:

  • consistently and diligently perform his work is an ACHIEVER,
  • treat others with respect in his work is a COLLEAGUE,
  • develop and apply skills in his work is a PROFESSIONAL.
  • use resources wisely to accomplish his work is a MANAGER.

A NEIGHBOR who seeks to meet his responsibilities to:

  • improve the community is an ACTIVIST, 
  • involve others in the community is a PROMOTER,
  • bring together people throughout the community is a UNITER,
  • give time and support to all in the community is a SERVANT.

A CITIZEN who seeks to meet his responsibilities to:

  • be informed about national issues is a CONSTITUENT,
  • protect the ideals and principles of the nation is a PATRIOT,
  • represent the interests of the nation above his own is a STATESMAN,
  • be willing to give his life in service and defense is a HERO.

LEADER who seeks to meet his responsibilities to:

  • motivate individuals to be more is a COUNSELOR,
  • bring a team together for a purpose is a COACH,
  • assign tasks to accomplish a mission is a COMMANDER,
  • lay down his life as a sacrifice is a FOLLOWER of his Higher Power.  

Is a MAN who has already fulfilled all the work that must ever be done to enable any person to meet so many responsibilities that demand attention beyond our own capabilities.

I know not where this came from – whether I wrote awhile ago or heard it from somewhere. Either way, it is true, I believe.



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