The Encounter (A 584-word sentence)


Let me tell you about an encounter – it started at the local dance club – where I met a young man with vibrant fire red hair and skin that was like silk to the touch; as I danced he moved closer until I felt the heat of his body, it felt like electricity (we touched, we grind, we smile) I knew he was the one for the night; I took his hand and pulled him even closer, his breath was sweet smelling – like mint – I trembled with anticipation; we kiss lightly, I ask for his name and with a soft response he said, “Zane;” I then asked if he wants to go back to my place; he only smiled and gave a slight nod; I gently lead him out of the club and down the street to my place; I lived on the top floor of a not-too-distant building; Zane rested his head, against the elevator wall that seemed to have too many buttons – the sliding doors opened to a dim lite hall – Zane trudged quietly along behind me, we stopped at my apartment door, and Zane smiled with his boyish grin; I fumbled to put the key into the lock (I got it in and turned it) inside, a bare bulb hung from the ceiling (flickered annoyingly) a mattress on the floor – layers of colorful blankets and lots of pillows kept the room from being empty – cracks in the graying plaster decorated the bare walls I pointed across the room at a far door; “There’s the bathroom. The rest I wouldn’t bother with;” he began pulling off his clothes, I stopped him and asked if I could do it instead: he blushed and said, “Yes:” first the sweater, then a gentle kiss on his forehead, next the shirt that seemed to cling to his chest; he hesitated a moment, blushed deeply and turned his head slightly and asked if he could do the same; Smiling I said, “Yes,” Zane gently with shaking hands pulled my t-shirt over my head; I pulled him closer (bare-chest to bare-chest) and held him for a moment: I then sank to my knees amid all the pillows with a sigh, pulling him down with me – “Can I touch you?” I whispered; “Gently” he replied nervously; I gently caressed his perfect, smooth, muscular chest; I noticed that he was trembling – I ask if he was okay; he grinned and said he was tired and excited; that this was his first time; I smiled, I think fresh meat; with Zane’s bare skin giving off a crisp and refreshing aura, I breathed in deeply, appreciating this moment – Zane struggled to keep his eyes open, and he gave a light grunt of satisfaction, I rolled him over and in a spooning position, let him sleep – I stirred awake when I felt the mattress move under the other’s weight – Zane was laying on his back, so his body brushed against mine; I trembled ( he sat up and said he had something to tell me, I shivered when his cool hand slipped underneath the blanket and took my hand, I sat up – brushing the sleep from my eyes – he smiled and said that he was a Fallen One;  he stood and stretched and I swooned with the beauty of his physic, as I watched he transformed into his natural state; shocked; I stood and asked how; he smiled because he feel in love with a mortal man; I reached out and took him into my arms.

The above image comes from a Pinterest:

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