GramMar Thang

Just for fun…

In each sentence, there is a grammatical error.

  1. Circle the error.
  2. Rewrite the sentence as it should be in the space provided. (Please type the answers.)

(1) The principle taught us many important life principals, which can be used for almost all intensive purposes.

(2) There pizza is away better then the spinach casserole, pasta salad, or spaghetti.

(3) To many of your shots slice too the left, but the last two were right on the mark.

(4) Your gonna catch a cold if you don’t where you’re coat.

(5) When she set down, she could care less anyways, there constant heckling use to bother her back than, but now that the girl that tease her is gone she has learned to expect her natural roll.

(6) Chicken lie eggs. I lay down when I’m tired.