Nature vs. Nurture

Nature versus nurture is a debate concerning the relative importance of my innate qualities versus my personal experiences. My natural characteristics can be similar or different to the unnatural features.  Some physical characteristics I have come from my family or genetics, and the habits I have developed are from learned experiences. My environment that I grew up in greatly influences my personality.

There are many traits that I have inherited through the genetics of my parents. For example, my willingness to strive comes from my mother.  She always strived for the best job, home, or even the food she selected. My sensitivity toward people’s feelings and needs come from my mother as well. My mother had good instincts, she always knew when someone was in need of a hug or just someone to cry with. I believe I also inherited my great-grandmother’s ability to cook without a recipe. Like both of these women, I strive to achieve my personal best in all things I do. Great-grandma would not serve a meal unless she knew it was the best tasting, as well as healthy. Mother always strived for the best job or to make sure that someone was happy with themselves.

There are many learned behaviors that I developed from the environment I grew up in. I learned to respect and accept people at face value. I also learned what good habits I need to be successful as a student and in my career of a medical assistant. Each habit reinforces my ability to be responsible. I have also learned from experiences that if I do what I am supposed to do, I may be rewarded for it. My environment has influenced me in many ways to act upon certain things automatically. Things like looking both ways before crossing the street or other things that appear to be common sense are learned from nurture.

I believe that my personality is a combination of both nature and nurture. I think that I have learned different lessons. These experiences have taught me how to act in my life. I am a very different person than my parents in that I want to continue to learn and receive a degree, whereas, my mother was satisfied with her GED.

The nature and nurture of a person can vary widely. Sometimes certain things are hard to decide whether they are inherited or learned. I might share some qualities of my mother, but some could be characteristics I have learned as well. I believe that both genes and environment affects who and what I am today; both to some extent shape my behaviors and mannerisms.


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