Reflection Essay

Society as a whole has a moral obligation to make things better through whatever is possible in their life. I have a duty to make do my part by attending college, earning a degree and then a career. Can the achievement of a person’s individual goals contribute to the improvement of society? I believe it can.

Let us look at volunteering first. There is a group known as Junior Achievement, let us look at their mission statement. Junior Achievement (JA) motivates students to develop the skills needed to experience the realities and opportunities of the 21st-century global marketplace. Our program curriculum fosters work readiness, entrepreneurship, and financial literacy skills, utilizing experiential learning to inspire kids to dream big and reach their potential.” As a volunteer, I was able to help elementary students grow with knowledge and develop pride in achieving their goals. My area was working with first graders to fifth graders. In first grade, we taught the basics of money handling through the concept of earning an allowance by performing chores. In fifth grade, we showed them how a business influences the economy by letting them setup a business and run it for a semester.

While some may say that obtaining a college degree does not help society, I would disagree. For example, if one has a law degree, he can prosecute, defend, and even go on to be a judge. One could influence society in many ways through law making or make things right for his clients. For me returning to college is a personal challenge. Assignments, lecture, and readings have not been a part of my life for nearly 20 years. However, once I earn my degree in Medical Assisting, I can help those in need of medical attention. My previous experiences in disaster services, first responder and wilderness medicine, will be combined with my new medical skills to make me a more useful and productive member of society.

We could go on about how an individual can influence society. It simple starts with wanting to make changes. Setting personal goals and accomplishing them can make society better. I believe we need to focus first on ourselves, to improve ourselves before we can help or influence society. Combing one’s past experience with a present focus on learning new skills can affect the future of society in a positive manner. Individuals can make a difference.


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