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Date Saint Changes
1st New Year’s Day (LCC)Solemnity of Mary, the Mother of G-d (RC) (HD)
2nd Ss Basil the Great & Gregory Nazianzen, Bps.
3rd Holy Name of Jesus; St Genevieve, V.
4th Feria
5th St Charles of Mount Argus, C.
6th Epiphany
7th Feria
8th St Pega, V.
9th St Fillan, H.
10th St Paul the Hermit
11th Feria  Baptism of Jesus
12th St Aelred of Rievaulx, Ab. & St Benet Biscop, Ab.
13th St Hilary of Poitiers, Bp.
14th St Kentigern, Bp.
15th Ss Maurus & Placidus; St Ita, V.
16th St Fursey, Ab.
17th St Anthony of Egypt, Ab.
18th Feria
19th St Wulfstan, Bp.
20th Ss Fabian & Sebastian, Bp. & M.
21st St Meinrad, M.; St Agnes, V.M.
22nd St Vincent, D. M.
23rd The Espousals of the BVM
24th St Francis De Sales, Bp.
25th Conversion of St Paul
26th Sts Timothy & Titus, Bps., Holy Abbots of Citeaux
27th Feria
28th St Thomas Aquinas, C.
29th St Blath of Kildare, V.
30th Feria
31st St Eusebius of St Gall, Ab.



Ab · Abbot or Abbess
Ap · Apostle
Bl · Blessed
Bp · Bishop
D · Deacon
Dr · Doctor of the Church
Ev · Evangelist
K · King
M · Martyr
Mis · Missionary
Po · Pope
Pr · Priest
Rel · Religious
Q · Queen

Feria – free day

Many of these saints information are gleaned from various Catholic books and websites.

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