Date Saint Current Change
1st St Brigid of Kildare, Ab.
2nd Candlemas Day
3rd St Blaise, M.
4th St Gilbert of Sempringham, C.
5th Ss Indract and Dominica of Glastonbury, M.M., St Agatha, V.M.
6th St Mel of Ardagh, Bp.
7th St Richard of Wessex, K.
8th St Cuthman, C.
9th St Teilo, Bp.
10th St Scholastica, V.
11th Our Lady of Lourdes, St Caedmon, C.
12th Feria
13th St Modomnoc O’Neill, Bp.
14th St Valentine, M.
15th New Coptic Martyrs of Libya
16th Feria
17th St Finan of Iona, Bp.
18th St Colman of Lindisfarne, Ab.
19th St Odran, M.
20th St Mildred of Thanet, Ab.
21st St Peter Damian, Bp.
22nd Feria
23rd St Polycarp, Bp.
24th St Ethelbert of Kent, K.
25th St Walburga, Ab.
26th Feria
27th Feria
28th St Oswald of Worcester, Bp.