The Espousals of the BVM

Virgin Mary’s Marriage Date: 1504 / Author: Raphael

The Espousals of the Blessed Virgin Mary is a feast that celebrates the marriage of Joseph and Mary.

In Matthew 1:16, Joseph is described as the husband of Mary. It is probable that Joseph and Mary were betrothed at Nazareth. The term “betrothal” indicates more than an engagement. It was customary to celebrate marriage in two stages, the first that of the contractual arrangements culminating in consent or “betrothal.” After a period of perhaps one year in which preparations were made to establish a new home together, the second part stage of actually conveying the wife to that home would be accompanied by a great feast such as that recounted in the Gospel of John as the Marriage Feast at Cana (Jn 2:1-11).

For more on the Espousals of the Blessed Virgin Mary, read “Of the espousals of the Mother of God,” by St Thomas Aquinas.