How to Lead

Acts 1:12-22

Thoughts :

Peter was chosen by Jesus to lead — so he led (“In those days, Peter stood up among the believers.”). Pay attention to how Peter leads: He went back to meeting together, to prayer, to Scripture, to a focus on Jesus, and to reflecting the pattern and example of Jesus. Quality leadership always starts with a return to basics (core values), before innovation and creativity can be applied effectively (even before problems get addressed, or plans are made). Why? Because the “next step” becomes apparent when the focus is on the Lord and not the situation. Notice I didn’t say solution. Peter didn’t have all the problems worked out — they must have been overwhelming. Most people look to leaders to fix all the problems. For example, what was Peter going to do about the persecution of the Jews? Form a militia? Peter didn’t address that or any of a few hundred other issues. Instead, he focused on fellowship and worship; praying together; studying Scripture to gain insight into current events (that’s what we’re doing right now); and looking at the pattern and example of Jesus. The net result was a clear “next step” – and that was to fill the empty 12th apostle spot -straightforward and efficient leadership.

You might say, what about all the other issues that needed to be addressed? All that other stuff didn’t seem to matter much because this decision was the only one that got recorded for us to look at two thousand years later. I would say Peter listened to the Lord, prioritized, and dealt with the right issue at the right time. The same goes for us in our own lives. Things are coming at us fast and hard – pressing us for decisions. What do we do?


What decision is pressing hard on you today? What should you do? The answer is simple, follow Peter’s example. The next time you have a problem at home, rather than trying to fix it at that moment try this: Spend time together: turn off the TV, computers, video games, and the phone — go for a family walk. Pray together: join hands as a family — take turns — give thanks and praise God. Open and read the Bible together. Pick a verse, read it and talk about it. Then and only then, ask “What would Jesus do?” Your “next step” will be incredibly clear!

Remember, God has and will continue to bless you. Just follow His leadership.