To Forgive Oneself is to Forgive Others

one-stepchapter 1 – Journey Begins

The following is the start of a new journey, a story about a boy that goes through hardships that formed him into the man he is today.

Lao Tzu in his teaching states that to surrender oneself is to reach a higher plane of existence. It is odd that I believe in this, but cannot seem to find the motivation to do it. I hope, through writing, I can achieve this.

If I can “let go of what I am,” what I have done, and that which has done to me; I can become “what I might be.” I can be a better man – mentally, physically, and emotionally stable, which in turn, brings stability.

It is true that throughout history, individuals can and will make an impact on the world around us, albeit small, but none the less an impact. The following is a story of one man’s life through his interpretation of the journey to forgive and to heal himself. A life journey through childhood to adulthood, it reflects a fractured life as he searches for a meaning to existence.

I challenge you to come on this life journey. To discover, or rediscover, a part of yourself. To open the mind to forgiving yourself first, and then those who have hurt you. When you do, then the healing starts, but remember this begins you.

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